What are the escape rooms and how one can play in them?

It is about theme rooms where groups of 2-6 players find themselves locked. The rooms contain various objects, a few decorative items and many puzzles that need to be solved with sole object to escape within a specific time limit.
Therefore, after the door is closed and the sandglass is overturned, the space must be searched thoroughly for clues, information, tools and a key, things that must be combined properly to achieve the goal of finding the way out of the room.


 Who and how many can play at a time?

The adventure is very thrilling, however not at all dangerous. It requires no physical exertion and is suitable for ages 8 – 80.
In the escape rooms may play teams of 2-6 persons, depending on the room selected. The teams may be families, friends or colleagues or even tourists who visit Athens and look for alternative ways of recreation and thrilling experiences. Ages over 12 years may spend together 60’ – 70’ of interactive recreation. We recommend that children below 15 years are escorted by an adult person.


What is the duration of each game?

The escape games last 60’ to 70’, depending on the room one will choose, plus some time for instructions or clarifications prior to commencement of the game (10’ earlier) and also some time to explain the room functionality in case a team does not succeed to make it through to freedom. In total, you must anticipate that a visit to Sherlocked Homes – escape rooms will last 80’ – 90’.


Can claustrophobic persons play?

Sherlocked Homes – escape rooms has 3 comfortable and spacious escape rooms.
If, however, any player comes up with some problem during the game he/she may interrupt its development for whatever the reason. All our escape rooms are equipped with a panic button which opens the door upon being pressed and we are next to you at no time.
Our escape rooms are also equipped with illuminated emergency exit signs, e.g. in the case of power cut-off.


When can one play in the escape rooms?

The premises is available daily Monday to Friday 13:30 – 22:30 and Saturday to Sunday 11:00 – 23:00.  You may book the escape rooms for any time period, depending on availability, by using the booking system in our site or by phone at 212-1040903.


Can one just call by and play?

It would be good if you visited our website first or call us to check on availability of the escape rooms before you go into the “trouble” of visiting us. However, if you are nearby and wish to give it a try we will gladly welcome you at our premises. We will do our utmost to be of service to you.


What if I am late for the appointment?

Τhe Sherlocked Homes – escape rooms is a live escape game with continuous and alternate appointments. Therefore if a delay is prolonged the team who have booked the next game will be late too, and so on.
To prevent such a confusion in all teams we will have, unfortunately, to cancel your meeting. You can, certainly, if you wish, depending on availability, reschedule your appointment for some other time. No financial or other sanctions are provisioned for this.


What is the cost per game and how can payment be made?

Τhe cost per game depends on the room you have chosen to escape from. Depending on the duration assigned to each escape room and the number of persons per team, the cost is adjusted. You’d better obtain relevant information either from our site at “make a booking”  or through telephone at 212-1040903.
Payment is made in cash on arrival at the premises of Sherlocked Homes – escape rooms.


What if I have made a booking  but I am prevented to come? Is there a possibility to  change or even cancel the booking?

If a person of the team does not manage to show up at the fixed appointment time, this poses no problem, though we will feel sorry he/she will miss the experience of our escape rooms, the rest of the team members will participate in the game.  In the instance none of the team members will turn up, it would be  only polite that someone briefs us by phone on this cancellation, earliest possible,  so that some other team may be registered for that shift. We call you a day earlier to reconfirm the booking. Nothing is binding, nor money is involved since payments are made on arrival to the premises only.


Participation in room escape games calls for educational standards or dexterities?

No educational qualifications or special dexterities are required for anyone to play. Participation is open to all ages, educational level, physical condition. What matters is the mood for a creative and at the same time interactive game.
Reasonableness, observation, combined thought and surely imagination are characteristics that must endow the team to attain their goal. The team must cooperate and communicate well.


Is there a prize given to the team that will manage to escape?

The primary aim of the game is not to manage to escape from the room but to spend an hour of pleasant and creative gaming. One hour of alternative getaway from the daily routine. Therefore, the only prize one can get is the experience, the strengthening of bonds among the team members and a photo in memory of the occasion.


Is there a specific mode of dressing?

No rules of attire exist. What we would recommend is to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and free in your movements while playing in the rooms.
Surely, if one wants to get right into the part he/she may dress according to the theme of the escape room they have chosen or simply as Sherlock Holmes.


Any events that take place in the premises, what kind?

Our premises is available for organising various events by individuals: Name day, birthday celebrations, company conferences. For more information and better service you may contact us at 212-1040903,

e-mail: info@sherlockedhomes.gr

Are there any rules on escape rooms?

The Sherlocked Homes escape rooms are recommended for all ages, irrelevantly of dexterity. No particular ingenuity is required to solve the riddles. However, what one needs is positive energy, since the goal of the game is entertainment through an effort to escape.

To secure maximum achievement of the game goal we have drafted certain “rules”:

  • No reason to panic while in the escape rooms. However a “panic” button is installed in each one. As soon this button is pressed the doors open and you are out.

  • To secure safe outcome of the game the rooms are monitored continually.

  • Children under 12 may play with the attendance of a guardian.

  • Use your imagination and correlate all evidence you discover.

  • You must investigate the space well, even the most improbable spaces. There are always things to discover.

  • Your time to solve the riddles is specific. Make the best use of it.

  • The Game Master is always there watching, ready to assist, if the need be. Use assistance wisely, it is not unlimited!

  • All that happens in the Sherlocked Homes stays in the Sherlocked Homes.

Do not pass particulars of the rooms and their history on to your friends, so they may enjoy this satisfaction for themselves.